List of my pub­li­ca­tions. You can also check my Google Scholar Page


  1. Theory of the center-of-mass diffusion and viscosity of microstructured and variable sequence copolymer liquids
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  2. Structural basis for preservation of a subset of Topologically Associating Domains in Interphase Chromosomes upon cohesin depletion preprint
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  3. From Effective Interactions Extracted Using Hi-C Data to Chromosome Structures in Conventional and Inverted Nuclei
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  4. Liquid state theory study of the phase behavior and macromolecular scale structure of model biomolecular condensates
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  5. Structural changes in chromosomes driven by multiple condensin motors during mitosis
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  6. A maximum-entropy model to predict 3D structural ensembles of chromatin from pairwise distances with applications to interphase chromosomes and structural variants
    Shi, Guang., Thirumalai, D.. Nature Communications (2023)


  1. Chromatin dynamics controls epigenetic domain formation
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  2. Transcription-induced active forces suppress chromatin motion preprint
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  3. Phase Transitions of Oppositely Charged Colloidal Particles Driven by Alternating Current Electric Field
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  4. From Hi-C Contact Map to Three-Dimensional Organization of Interphase Human Chromosomes
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  1. Chromatin Is Stretched but Intact When the Nucleus Is Squeezed through Constrictions
    Thirumalai, D.., Shi, Guang. Biophysical Journal (2017)

List of my talks and posters.

  1. talk Liquid state theory of microstructure and local clustering of biomolecular condensates and its consequences on slow dynamics
    APS March Meeting. Mar, 2023.
  2. Invited Talk Predicting 3D structural ensembles of chromatins from pairwise distances
    Multiscale Genome Organization (MGO) Webinar. Nov, 2022.
  3. Invited Talk Data-driven reconstruction of 3D genome from experimental data
    Soft, Living, Active and Adaptive Matter (SLAAM) Seminar. Sep, 2022.
  4. talk Liquid state theory study of the microstructure and phase behavior of protein condensates
    APS March Meeting. Mar, 2022.
  5. talk From Hi-C Contact Map to Three-dimensional Organization of Interphase Human Chromosomes
    MIT Genome Architecture and Function Virtual Workshop. Jun, 2020.
  6. talk A Polymer Model For Predicating Three-Dimensional Organization Change From Structural Variations
    CSHL Genome Organization & Nuclear Function. May, 2020.
  7. talk Conformational Heterogeneity In Human Interphase Chromosome Organization Reconciles The FISH And Hi-C Paradox
    APS March Meeting (meeting canceled due to the Covid-19). Mar, 2020. Slides
  8. talk Conformational Heterogeneity Of Human Interphase Chromosomes
    iPoLS Rice-UT Retreat. Nov, 2019.
  9. poster Interphase Human Chromosome Exhibits Out Of Equilibrium Glassy Dynamics
    CSHL Single Biomolecules. Sep, 2018.
  10. poster Glass-Like Dynamics In The Folded State Of Human Interphase Chromosome
    APS March Meeting. Mar, 2017.